Brandon D's Graphic Design

Human Nature

Original Photos:

Graphic Design:

  1. The two pictures I used were pictures that I took myself. The landscape shot is of Arch Rock from my trip to Mackinaw Island, Michigan. The other picture is of my friend.
  2. I opened the picture of my friend in Adobe Photoshop and removed the background of the image, leaving only him. 
  3. I then altered the levels of the image to remove highlights while not expanding the silhouette.
  4. Next, the image of Arch Rock was placed in the background.
  5. I applied a Layer Mask to the picture of my friend, creating a cutout of the landscape picture in the shape of my friend.
  6. I copied the layer of the guy, desaturated the layer, set the blending mode to multiply, and lowered the opacity. This created the effect where you could see eyes, nose, and mouth on the image.
  7. Using the eye dropper tool, I selected the sky color and made the color lighter. Using the new color as the background.
  8. Using another layer of the landscape image, I used the Gaussian Blur tool and eraser to create a vignette effect.
  9. Then I added the text using the Nueva Std Condensed font and a mask of the landscape portrait to give the text its unique color.

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